3 False Assumptions of Depression

Unless you live with it, Depression is hard to understand. It is difficult to graph just how brutal and all consuming the beast can be.

Here are three things people wrongly assume about those with depression:

Depressed people stay in bed all day
It is possible that somebody you know battling depression may stay in bed all day. It is just as likely that you may not know. People aren't always sad all the time or sleeping all day, sometimes people learn to hide their feelings and seem outwardly happy to others.

Exercising cures depression
This is something that gets said frequently, but just isn't true. Often the subject of internet memes, this can belittle and shame those with depression. Whilst exercise is indeed great for the mind, there are no switches to just turn off depression. Sometimes, the last thing we want to do is leave the house, let alone exercise.

You aren't depressed, you are attention seeking.
Unfortunately, sometimes people can be very misinformed about the effects and causes of depression. This can lead them to assume a person "isn't really depressed" and is just "attention seeking". This can be damaging because each soul handles emotions differently and what might be manageable for one, is not for another. People who have depression do not seek attention, they are reaching out for help.

If you do one thing today, please try and learn a little more about depression and hopefully we can work towards helping with the negative stigma.
About author
34 years old, proud father to three daughters and one son.

Battled with mental illness for most of my life - at least since early teens.

Electrical / Controls / Automation Engineer by trade, can often be found talking about programming or mental illness. Sometimes both!


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