5 "habits "of People With Anxiety

We all have traits and small things we do that make us who we are. These personality traits define us from each other. There are also things that we do because of anxiety.

Here are 5 things we might do because of anxiety:

Apologising excessively
Frequent and often uncontrollable apologising. Often these apologies extend to things that are out of our control.

Anger and Irritability
Snapping and getting irritable over small things. Feelings of anxiety can be so intense that it is difficult to remain cool and collected. This often spills out in the form of anger and aggression.

Forgetting things is a massive sign a person is feeling especially anxious. Our minds can only handle so much information and process so many thoughts, that is to be expected that some things can slip our minds.

Excessive Worrying
This might seem obvious to some, but worrying about every little thing, every miniscule detail - it might be annoying to others, but truly it is out of our control.

Not Eating
When anxious our appetites can completely disappear. When going through long periods of anxiety, it is not uncommon to have very little desire to eat or even drink. Our minds are so consumed with worry it leaves little room for anything else.

How many of these can you relate to?
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34 years old, proud father to three daughters and one son.

Battled with mental illness for most of my life - at least since early teens.

Electrical / Controls / Automation Engineer by trade, can often be found talking about programming or mental illness. Sometimes both!


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