Why am I anxious? Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and often appears with little warning. There are a vast array of physical and mental signs and symptoms, with no two people experiencing anxiety the same way. Below are the most common symptoms associated with anxiety and anxiety related disorders.

Racing Thoughts​

Racing thoughts are difficult to process, chaotic and unrelenting. If you have negative thoughts that just will not subside, it could be anxiety.

Irrational Worry​

Being unable to rationalise or control our worry is a sign of an anxiety disorder. Over-planning, over-thinking and anticipating things that *might* happen are common signs of anxiety disorders.

Excessive Sweating​

Sweating can be a big part of having an anxiety disorder - it can also be one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable. Often in situations of stress, sweating can occur and is perfectly natural.

Sense of impending danger​

It is common to feel a sense of impending danger - our brains often try and prepare us for things that might happen in advance. Sometimes anxiety takes over and irrationally makes us expect the absolute worst case scenario. This can be exhausting and overwhelming and is often accompanied by thoughts of "what if?".

Head & Body Aches​

Anxiety can often present in physical ways. One of these are head and shoulder tension and aches. Headaches following anxiety attacks are common, often resulting in migraines or stress headaches.

Panic Attacks​

Panic attacks can be one of the most common anxiety related symptoms and are often the most debilitating. Panic attacks can be paralysing, locking people still in a state of terror. On the flip side, panic attacks can make people literally flee a situation. There are many ways people experience panic attacks, often the experience is completely different, but equally as distressing.
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