Mental Illness 7 Signs You Hate Yourself / Self Love



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Very informative video! Does anybody have any followups on how to remedy this for us?
Yes this is something I tend to ask myself every now and then too. For my disorders there is so much information online. Even a lot of warnings for other people that come in contact with people like me. But then the healing part is not provided haha


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I believe that a lot of people have incredibly low self-esteem and having this pointed out to you just increases the feelings of worthlessness. Rather than focussing on the problem it would be better to focus on the solutions, in other words don't treat the symptoms, get rid of the cause. That's a big ask of people, but when you focus on the problems and issues you become absorbed in them and that makes it really difficult to find a way out. But it's not just you, it's other people who feed the fire by being derogatory towards you, whether that's in the real world or online it makes no difference; it hurts and drives low esteem even deeper. So the first step towards a solution is to remove yourself from toxic environments and keep those who berate you at a great distance.

The steps that follow will be the hardest, getting rid of all that self toxicity isn't as easy as it sounds, saying it and doing it are at opposite poles. Self determination is where you begin by setting yourself goals and aiming for them with a positive attitude that you will succeed and when you get past the first hurdle the ones that follow will diminish in size until you are completely liberated from your self loathing and low esteem. How fast you progress is down to you, but if you need help it is there, you just need to reach out and take adantage of it.

Everyone has worth, we all serve a purpose even if we are unclear as to what that purpose is. Just believe that you have been put on this earth for a reason and how you move through life, how you steer your life, is down to you; you're the captain of your own ship :)