Depression A Poem for those who hurt



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I need to live life, but I'm trapped inside my head,
I need to get out, but I can't get out of bed.

I'm so exhausted from the nights I cannot sleep,
I'm so depleted, all I do is sit and weep.

I need someone to take and hold my hand,
I need someone to be kind and understand.

I never mean it when I push you all away,
I'm always worried that you will not want to stay.

Some days are better, but sometimes I can't cope,
Finding peace, that is my greatest hope.

So please have patience, dont let me drift away,
Help me hang on to see a brighter day.

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Fear emptiness despair

Born into this new world, so many chances to grow
So very young with a smile and happiness so near
Maturing into a man my mind had a different idea though
Learning experiences ever darker filled with doubt and fear

Tainted I went from boy to early adulthood
Avoiding people around me but longing for that one caress
With the voice within whispering you don’t matter I felt misunderstood
The void gripped me ever tighter and left nothing but emptiness

Dreams and hopes fleeting away as I approach middle age
Where every thought and emotion triggers a dim dark nightmare
Unwittingly depriving myself of joy I end up living with rage
Until there is nothing left but fear, emptiness and despair

Unsure of where the road ahead will lead me
Its time to take the reins and replace the dark with love and empathy


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Writing is very cathartic isn't it @Mira - you expressed so much pain and yet still there is that hope. Never lose that hope, its what keeps us going when the going gets tough.

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