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Title: About a Boy

Tagline: Growing up has nothing to do with age.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Director: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz

Cast: Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, Rachel Weisz, Natalia Tena, Victoria Smurfit, Augustus Prew, Sharon Small, Madison Cook, Jordan Cook, Nicholas Hutchison, Ryan Speechley, Joseph Speechley, Denise Stephenson, Chris Webster, Isabel Brook, Orlando Thor Newman, Paulette P. Williams, Susannah Doyle, Fritha Goodey, Delma Walsh, Peter Roy, Rosalind Knight, Sian Martin, Joanne Petitt, Cathy Murphy, Mark Heap, Claire Harman, Jason Salkey, Annabelle Apsion, Russell Barr, Joyce Henderson, Jenny Galloway, Janine Duvitski, Alex Kew, Murray Lachlan Young, Matthew James Thomas, Aaron Keeling, Sidney Livingstone, Bethany Muir, Tessa Vale

Release: 2002-04-26

Runtime: 101

Plot: Will Freeman is a good-looking, smooth-talking bachelor whose primary goal in life is avoiding any kind of responsibility. But when he invents an imaginary son in order to meet attractive single moms, Will gets a hilarious lesson about life from a bright, but hopelessly geeky 12-year-old named Marcus. Now, as Will struggles to teach Marcus the art of being cool, Marcus teaches Will that you're never too old to grow up.


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