Accepting my Periods!



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As self-care and a self-love and mindfulness practices (suggested by my T), I'm learning how to embrace and accept my periods as being part of me, and not something disgusting, shameful and sullying, something I have to be ashamed of, and to hate myself for. For example, today, I'm making fresh iced soy milk and vegetarian thin crust pizza with cherry tomatoes straight from my vegetable garden.I'm also using my newly bought some time ago Ikea bed set to feel less hot at night and to sleep better. Self-care, self-acceptance and self-love are important at all times, ladies and gents on the community! I don't even feel as anxious, manic, or depressed as before with my periods being regular and on the dot. I love my birth control pills! They start and end at the same time by the clock every time. Without birth control, I think I'd have killed myself a long time ago. Feeling there's no way out of this suffering and misery, is how I've felt during my suicidal depression and self-harm period. But that's behind me now definitely and totally. And I'm might proud of that achievement currently in life!


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That's fantastic, Naiwen, I'm so glad you're accepting of yourself and your periods. Self-care and self-love are extremely important in life, so great job in working on both aspects of life!

Obviously I can't relate to what it's like to have a period, or to endure particularly heavy and uncomfortable periods, but we can all relate to what it's like when our bodies are out of whack, it's not fun! I wish you all the best in keeping on track and pushing forward!


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I never understood the stigma of them but I am happy people are able to come to terms with them and accept them. They are nothing dirty or shameful. If someone ever makes you feel that way, they are just very immature.

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