Any regrets at current age?



Growing old is a blessing, they say. People grow old with the hope that they will achieve a lot in life. Do you have any regrets at this age of something you should have done by now?


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I regret that I didn't empty out my house and sell it when I was still young and healthy. Just the thought of what it would take now that I'm retired and not in great health to empty out 45 years worth of stuff is so daunting.


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31 and haven't really completed anything in life except for one course... Didn't even complete high school.


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I've lived a reasonably good life. Had various jobs that I enjoyed, to an extent, and then was a self-employed website developer and graphic designer for 20 years which I loved and fulfilled a passion for creativity. I also played in a rock band for 15 years and had a whale of a time. Now I'm retired I am experiencing the vagaries of old age; in pain, tired, can't do much of things I once took for granted and generally feeling decrepit. I never thought for a moment that age related issues would play havoc, but there it is. I guess it's my fault for getting old lol. The one thing about getting older that really irks me more than anything is when visiting the doctor and out comes that old gem of a saying "well it is age related" that's a catch-all saying doctors use to say, "bugger off I can't help you". I'm convinced that doctors can see a 'sell-by' date stamped across the foreheads of older people that invokes that catch-all saying.

Getting older is no joke. For some, who rarely ail anything, it may be joyous times, but from personal experience and seeing what it does to others and how it affects them, it doesn't have much going for it lol. Still here to moan about it, perhaps that's a small consolation.

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