Anyone has PMDD?



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I have been diagnosed with it last I've seen my psychiatrist about 2-3 months ago. It's hell for women who have it. Why? Because it makes periods, cramps, PMsing a lot worse than normal women who don't have it. I even hate ovulation and my sexual and bodily fluids. Thank goodness my periods are regular currently in life with birth control!


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I don't have it but I know two women who do. One went on birth control and the other took a more natural route and changed her diet. She started doing seed cycling, taking maca root, and eating black beans (which helped with bad cramping pains).


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I have most of the symptoms but I do not have the nodules that form on the ovaries. So, I don't officially have it but I used to have irregular periods as well as horrible cramping where I would throw up on the first day and it was bad, very bad.

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