Physical Health Anyone into cycling at all?



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Is anyone here into cycling as in bicycling?

I'm into road biking and mountain biking. I really want to try gravel biking.

How about you all?


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Loved to cycle as a kid but it's not something I've done in a very long time. Not many areas to cycle here unless you want to cycle on the roads and that's just unsafe with all the bad drivers in the UK lol


I started cycling when I was 8 and that is an attitude that I never dropped even as an adult. Cycling is one of the exercises that helps to keep the heart working well and once done well, you will become pretty much active wherever you are.


I don't cycle because I can't cycle. It is not that I never tried learning how to cycle. I tried learning to cycle a couple of times when I was a kid, but every time I tried to cycle I had a terrible accident. Once, I almost broke my leg. Therefore, I gave up.


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Cycling is fun! We have all had accidents riding our bikes though - they can be dangerous!

But I find excitement in danger ;)

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