Bicuspid Valve and Dilated Aortic Root

I have a bicuspid valve in my heart, which basically means that the structure of the valve is malformed and consists of two flaps instead of three. Right now this isn't causing me any trouble, but will likely result in the valve leaking and will need surgery to correct.

I have health anxiety, so it feels like I am walking around with a ticking time bomb inside my chest.

Usually people with bicuspid valves end up with a dilated aortic root, which means that the main artery coming out of your heart is bigger than it should be at the point it connects to your heart muscle. This requires yearly check ups because if unmonitored it impossible for the dilation to actually tear your aortic artery, which as you can imagine likely results in bleeding to death.

I have yearly MRI scans to check on both of these malformations. Touch wood, no surgery yet.

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