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So here's a question -- if you had to change the way you ate, the food you ate, and the times at which you ate to accommodate health conditions, how would you approach it. Slowly, one bit at a time, or would you go all in and change everything instantly hoping you can adjust to it?


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I think I would go slowly one bit at a time, but it is easier said than done.

I've been trying to change my diet for months now and failing.


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At this very moment in time I view food as fuel, and that's it. All the things I used to love are just fuel now, I eat because I have to in order to function and survive. Nothing really takes me to wanting any specific kinds of food. I do vary my diet and try to eat healthy for the best part, but food just all tastes bland, nothing seems to get my juices flowing like food used to.

Perhaps it's an age thing, everything that is off or presents issues nowadays is always 'age related' so food just joins in with everything else. I suppose the only time when I can say I 'really enjoy' food is on a Thursday (that's today) when I get a meal cooked for me in the communal lounge; no prepping, no cooking and no washing up. All done for me, I just need to sit down and eat it. Other than that, it's like I'm on autopilot, I look, I prep, I cook, I eat and wash up, then I move on. Sad really, because I used to love cooking and eating.

So, after all of that and in answer to your question, I don't think anything would make me change the way I eat food, unless I can get a new younger body on the NHS, but I reckon there would be one hell of a long queue if that were possible lol.


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Changing your habits slowly would make the most sense. I think trying to change your ways right away in one big go would probably end up with you failing.

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