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What's the cutest thing your pet has done?

My daughter's guinea pig likes to throw temper tantrums. Have you ever seen a guinea pig throw a temper tantrum? She throws things around her cage and flips over her food bowl! All because she didn't get the blueberry she wanted at mealtime.


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Back when we had guinea pigs, one of them stole the other's seed stick, then ran off with it and tried to go into a tube... but the seed stick was too wide to fit through the entrance, so he just smacked right into it!!!!


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My female cat always had plenty of toys to play with but I never saw the toys whenever the male kitties were in the living room with me. Then I saw why, when she was done playing, she hid each toy under the sofa so the boys wouldn't find them.


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One of my cats is very scared of plastic bags. Anytime I bring in groceries or do the trash, he runs and hides. One time I was putting away bags (I save grocery bags) and one fell and got hooked onto my show somehow. He actually ran up to it and started hissing and hitting it as if he was protecting me! I about cried! It was adorable.


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I used to sit by the window with my kitty and pass the time watching the wild birds and squirrels feasting at the feeders and splashing in the bird bath in my backyard. My fur baby would chitter with excitement, so cute.

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