Do Horror Movies affect your mental health?



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If you were to watch a Horror movie would it affect your mental health in any way? I know sometimes people's mental health can go down due to the scare elements and then there's people like me where Horrors don't affect my mental health.


I find horror movies very liberating. Well, I do get frightened while watching horror movies but afterward I feel relaxed. It is just like eating spicy food. The hear on your mouth will give you a pleasant sensation.


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It's generally crap movies, with crap scripts and crap acting that affects my mental health, having to sift through thousands of movies to find something I haven't seen and would perhaps enjoy. By the time I find something to watch I'm out of time and need my bed, very frustrating.


I don't watch horror movies because of my mental health. I am not the type of person that has strong heart seeing gory scenes. So, I avoid horror movies to protect myself from some issues.


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A good horror movie should give you shivers - seeing bloody gore is not horror, it's horrific. Two of the best horror movies I have ever seen are 'The Haunting' the old B&W version, not the Liam Neeson version. The other was 'The Entity' which was really creepy and allegedly based on a true story.

Seeing arms and legs hacked off and guts sprawling all over the place is crap and is aimed to shock rather than horrify and once you've seen it all, there's nothing left to horrify you.


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I used to watch scary movies but over the years they've gone from thrills to the same rehashed plots with hack and slash bloody gore substituting for well crafted story telling.

So to answer the question, gore-filled horror movies leave me feeling a bit sick so I dont watch them.

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