Do you feel weak after taking some meals?



Eating food is one of the activities that keep man going. Sometimes, I wonder how life would have been, if we couldn't eat food when we wish to. However, are there some sets of food that you avoid because you feel weak after taking them?


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I feel weak thinking about having to make something to eat. The thought of clearing up and washing the dishes also leaves me feeling lethargic, but the eating of gives me nothing but pleasure. I never eat anything I don't like, which isn't much - cauliflower and sweetcorn mainly. I can't eat pork or apples as they play havoc with my digestive system, but otherwise I can eat pretty much anything and I always feel satisfied.


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I'm diabetic and try to keep to a mostly keto diet. Usually after a meal and my insulin, I get very drowsy and have to take a nap. When I was still working it was a real battle not to nod off at my computer after lunch.

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