General Do you find baths or showers more relaxing?



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I know a lot of people who prefer showers but I have always preferred taking a bath. I find it to be more relaxing to lay in water and just feel the warmth around me. I like to make use of scented candles and bubble bath with lavender in it as well as epsom salts. Which is your preference when it comes to relaxing?


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I'm sure baths are way more relaxing but I just always take showers. Just easier and quicker for me since I don't want to waste too much time in a bath.


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There is no place for me to take a bath so the automatic answer for me is shower.
I have taken baths when I was younger and did find them relaxing.


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I'm not physically able to get in and out of a bath, plus there are no baths in any of the flats in our complex just showers. However, in relation to the question I would say that a bath is more relaxing than a shower as you can soak for as long as you wish, keep topping up the warm water as you go. Showers are quick and effective in getting you clean, but the operative word in there is 'quick' and for disabled people it's often the only option. I shower every day, if I don't I feel grubby all day, that's most likely a psychological stance than an actual one as I don't do much in the way to get dirty lol. Showers, quick, baths most definitely more relaxing :)


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I like a nice long, hot shower. I don't feel like I get as clean in a bath. But the continuous steam from the hot water calms me.


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It really depends on how free that I am to get into the bathing 🛀 process. If I'm not in rush, I would prefer a hot bath than a shower 🚿.

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