Do you grow your own vegetables?



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Do you grow your own vegetables? If you do what vegetables do you grow in your garden and how long have you been growing your own vegetables? In this day and age where food prices continue to sky rocket, it makes sense to grow your own crops.


I am a hobbyist gardener, I grow vegetables. I do not produce a lot and I still have to buy for my daily vegetable requirement but I grow some varieties of vegetables like lettuce, spinach, garlic, spring onions, etc.


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I'd love to have an area for crop growing. Currently I don't have enough outdoor space, but hope to take on a slot in a public garden or allotment soon.


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I used to have an allotment, but with my age-related ailments I wouldn't be able to lift a spade or rake. Home grown vegetables are often way superior to anything bought in a supermarket, not just because you grow them yourself, but they have a completely different taste.

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