Do you like homemade meals?



I have a couple of friends that said they prefer ordering meals from restaurants instead of making at home. To me, I enjoy homemade meals instead of buying from outside. Which one do you like?


I like food from restaurants, it is prepared by a professional cook, tastes better, has a good presentation (to make you feel eating), homemade foods are plain and simple, sometimes they even don't taste great. But I eat homemade foods more for health.


I prefer to make meals at home, it's more cost effective, it tastes better, and it helps you hone your skills!

I agree with you that most times, preparing food at home is cost effective since you have the opportunity to know what to use to make your meals. It is also safer especially when one have one issue or the other.


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I too prefer homemade meals, but I have an addiction to junk food and struggle not buying take away food on an evening. :(


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Preparing a homemade meal for one is a chore, either too much or too little is made so getting the ingredients in the correct proportions is a nightmare, especially when you've been used to cooking for more than just yourself. I do make my own meals at home, but it's mainly ready bought stuff such as steamfresh vegetables to microwave, and chicken breast burgers, beef sausages (I can't eat pork), fish portions, etc. Every now and again I do make myself a proper dinner with lamb chops, roasties, veg, yorkshire puds and gravy, not forgetting the mint sauce, but that's just a once in a while thing.

As summer is approaching I like salads, so I spend a bit of time preparing them and I can get portion sizes right every time.


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Don't have a particular preference but I couldn't imagine eating from a restaurant or takeaway everyday. It would get pretty boring


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Homemade, hands down. My husband loves to cook & can put together some great recipes he's created. We eat mostly organic & there's only one restaurant that's an hour away we go to every so often. But it's just easier to cook our own. We can season the way we like. Plus it's way cheaper.


I hate cooking, but when I make something that I know is good, wow, I really enjoy it. My husband loves when I make him his favorite home cooked meals such as ravioli and different types of soups. I haven't made lasagna in a while and I know he really wants it so maybe I'll make one at Easter.

I make homemade pizza that my husband craves because no one where we live will make it the way we love it!

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