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I had a time where I lost a lot of weight in a healthy way. As I was fat. Then I started having periods of binging and fasting for very long. I had weeks where I ate 3 meals.

The last half year I have been binging and purging. But gaining a lot of weight back. To the point where I am fat again. This needs to end. I have no motivation to lose the weight healthy. And that might never come. So I am going to try and stop eating. Or eating normal and purging. It is hard to deal with this but I need to find a way that works and stick to it.


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This type of eating is very hard on your body. I can't tell you what to do, but I do suggest you use a nutritional supliment occasionally like Ensure or Boost which come in flavored shakes, puddings or bars, or if you're diabetic try Glucerna. Rapid fluctuations in weight is more taxing on the heart than being overweight. Binge/purge scars the Esophagus because of all the acid in your vomit eating away at the tissue which leaves you susceptible to cancer, it also rots your teeth. I know you are struggling mentally, but adding serious physical illness to what you're already dealing with will make life 10 times worse for you. I hope you give this a lot of thought and make healthy choices. Your friends care about you and want nothing but the best for you always. (((HUGS)))


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I had a big breakdown and feel bad. I have been eating and purging and weighing myself so I will get to a healthy weight. But it leaves me shaking at the moment so I am going to rest for a bit. I wish I was not alone :(


Your body is adapting to your behavior and now is in survival mode which is why your metabolism has dropped no matter what you are doing with your caloric intake. I had an eating disorder in high school and it was hard to get out of that mode of control thinking but it was something I truly wanted so I could be healthy. Start small with your changes so it doesn't overwhelm you and you truly need to want to change and not just control your weight. Your weight isn't who you are and you need to start liking yourself regardless of what your body looks like.

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