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I have a problem, I am trying to loose weight, but every time I try and exercise I am absolutely exhausted for days afterwards. I am talking about doing one set of weights, making my arm uncomfortably hurt for days afterwards. If I went for a jog, my whole body would hurt for days and I would struggle to stay awake! I have had medical tests and the doctors can find no reason for the pain and fatigue.

Am I over thinking or is this normal..?


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Am I over thinking or is this normal..?
I wouldn't say it's normal, but then what's normal for one person is the opposite for another.

I have problems with exercise and trying to lose weight too, most of mine is down to physical disabilities that prevent all but the mildest form of seated exercises. My weight fluctuates but any attempt at dieting is futile. What I'm told is that when you reduce your intake of calories, your body clings on to fat to ensure that there is enough energy reserves in your body. This is why when some people go onto an approved medical diet they balk at the amount of food they are supposed to eat, but when they do, they lose weight. It's a bit like fuzzy logic.

When it comes to exercise, I was told that the best form to burn calories is cardiovascular exercises; in the gym going on the static bikes, rowing machine, stepper, treadmill, cross-trainer (this latter is the best). Weight lifting is to increase body mass - turning fat into muscle, so I'd skip that if I were you. If your gym has a sauna then after a good workout use that to relax and regain your composure.

Losing weight over a long period is better than a quick fix which may see you revert back into old habits and gain weight faster. Slow and steady and a gradual build up of exercise is the best way forward. I did this when I was able and the weight fell off, I went from a 48" waist to a 32" waist over a period of ten months.

Find a diet that suits you and don't be afraid to have the occasional treat as a reward. Start with 20 minutes CV exercise and then build on that at a pace that you find comfortable. Hopefully that will help you move forward :)


What type of exercise are you doing? If you are doing HIIT, exhaustion is common, therefore, switching to low-impact exercises can be helpful. If you feel exhausted even after jogging and it persists for days, you really need to go through medical tests, sometimes changing your GP can help track the root of your problems.

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