Articles Gaslighting: What Is It and Why Do People Do It?



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I thought I would share this article as I am a victim of gaslighting and mental/verbal abuse on a daily basis. This is what my mother does to me. It's worse for me because I already suffer from mild depression and high anxiety also which when combined cause extremely high stress levels.


Oh wow! I had a friend who would gaslight me and I was young and naive and didn't understand it until someone explained the term to me. Now I pick up on it right away when I see someone doing it to me or to others. It's easy to fall for that person's lies because they're so good at doing it.


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I have experience with this as well. I never knew what it was until I was older. I feel like millions of people have become conditioned to think this is normal because of the mainstream media and social platforms. So many are victims of it in their personal lives, they don't even realize it.


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That situation can be pretty hurtful to experience. I think gaslighting is very immature. However, I can't say I haven't done it before. It's just something people need to mature out of. Well, I think it's pride and loyalty to family and even ethnic ties which explains it sometimes.


This has not happened to me as I am not a person who can be easily manipulated, however, I have seen a lot of people becoming a victim of gaslighting. You need to stay away from people who are manipulative and people who find pleasure in torturing other people mentally.

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