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Angel In Training

Title: Hot Stuff

Tagline: You can't turn this mob over to the cops. They are the cops.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Dom DeLuise

Cast: Dom DeLuise, Suzanne Pleshette, Jerry Reed, Ossie Davis, Luis Ávalos, Pat McCormick, Peter DeLuise, Rod Ball

Release: 1979-08-10

Runtime: 91

Plot: When a police department's burglary task force is facing the possibility of being shut down because of their low conviction rate decides to try a new approach to apprehending their targets. They take over a pawn shop where thieves go to unload their merchandise. They record them as they bring stuff in and get them to tell them where they got it. Eventually they're threatened by the mob.



Angel In Training
I like this old movie. I wish I could find it online somewhere to watch it for free? I'll have to check.