How do you feel about antidepressants?



I, Am I?
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Are you on them? Have you been on them? Have you been recommended to go on them? What are your experiences with them? Did they help? Did they make things worse?

For me I feel like they actually make things worse overall. Tried a couple of different options, Bupropion XL and Fluoxetine, they're just...not working for me. I have persistent depressive disorder and if I'm being honest, I would say my suicidal ideation has increased tremendously in recent times. I feel numb a lot, I keep saying I'm giving them a chance, and I'm doing what I can to stay positive, but those who have depression, and major depression at that, know that it's just not a case of being positive. It takes hold and it pulls you down to somewhere so dark you're not sure which way is up. So, for me, I'm not sure they're a good thing overall, but I'm also not sure what IS a good thing for me. I'm still trying, still working with them, but they've yet to, at any point, effectively work for me.

How are your experiences with antidepressants? Effective?


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I can see the benefits, but my personal experience with them has not been great.

I have tried different types and brands, with symptoms ranging from massive mood swings, pure rage and night terrors.