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How do hate eating and talking? I noticed that some people can't help it whenever they are eating, they would still be talking as well. It's not something healthy to do because it might end badly for the person. A guy nearly choked on his food yesterday when he was talking while eating.


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It's not safe at all to talk when you are eating. It's lack of table manners. My mother used to beat me like hell when I was still doing that. It's not good.


I, Am I?
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I can understand having a conversation over dinner, but eating with food in your mouth is grotesque.


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With one look from my mother, no one would have to tell you to shut up and eat your food. You can do that rubbish eating alone in your room but not on the same dinning table with her.


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I definitely avoid eating and talking at the same time. If I'm talking to someone, I'll make sure my mouth is empty first.


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If you combine eating and talking together you will do neither very well. So eat or talk not both at the same time. There's nothing wrong with having a discussion around the dinner table, but if your mouth is full of food, empty it first before speaking.

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