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The best way to solve it seems to be the eliminate the source of it. For instance, if you are separated from your friend, then talking to him/her on the phone, messaging, or in-person will do the trick.

However, though, sometimes the problem cannot be solved. For instance, how do you deal with death, the threat of death, the threat of going to jail, the threat of going blind etc.? It's a rough deal and even after facing things maturely, normal people will still have a rough time.


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Agreed, sometimes it's a double-edged sword. It would be great to treat the problem for everyone, but a lot of times that problem is something more complicated than it seems. Chatting with a friend or loved one can help, especially if that's a source of the depression, but sometimes loneliness goes far deeper than just a conversation or a longing. Depression is such a complicated and horrible thing, it's important to try and remember to keep positive and keep pushing forward, as hard as it sounds. Likewise, if you know someone suffering from depression, it's important to be understanding and to show support while they're struggling. They need you more than even they know.


My father battled with depression for 10 years. His psychiatrist had told him that he should be taking anti-depressants for life long, however, when he started alternative healing like yoga and meditation, he not only gave up medication but also became perfectly healthy.

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