How to use the trigger topics area



Staff member
Firstly, I am sorry that you need to create a thread within this area, but we do ask that certain rules are followed when doing so.

If you are in immediate medical danger, please call 999, 911 or go immediately to your local emergency department.

We are very much a support forum and as such we cannot allow "goodbye" threads or anything promoting suicide in a positive light.

Whilst we encourage discussion surrounding self injury and other triggering topics - detailed descriptions and ANY imagery should be avoided at all costs.

Do not belittle or undermine anybody.

No sexism, ageism, homophobia or any other discriminatory discussions.

When talking about sex and sexuality, please try and leave out any graphic detail or, provide adequate trigger warnings at the beginning of your post.

Trigger warnings are mandatory and should be placed both in your message title and at the beginning of your post.