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I think what we are saying here is a man who is very charming in his deflection of abuse.

These people are so toxic for each other.


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A online friend of mine reckons Johnny Depp maybe as bpd himself, i havent followed any of this so i have no idea

what i dislike is mental illness terms being thrown around like insults, i have bpd (borderline personality disorder) myself (according tot he professionals) and its not a nice thing to have ......


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They both seem like awful people. Johnny seems to be slightly (very slightly) better than Amber based on how he treats some of the work he works with but it's always hard to judge solely based on that.


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You have to remember the guy is literally an Oscar winning actor.

He is an abuser no doubt about it - maybe not physically, but definitely mentally.

That is not saying Amber is not an abuser too. I think they are both Toxic especially around each other.