legal minimum age for buying alcohol



What is the legal minimum age for buying alcohol in your country?

Do you think it is too high or too low?

How old should someone be before consuming alcohol.


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Where I live now it's 21, which is about right. In moderation alcohol is fine, but we've all seen what can happen when taken to excess, and given how prone teens are to excesses, well, it seems logical to avoid allowing them the right to consume it.


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18 years of age here in the UK, however younger teens make themselves up to look older and con their way into bars or buy cheap high alcohol content cider from corner shops. Unfortunately it's always the pubs and shops that get fined and not the teens as they are supposed to check IDs, and even these can be faked, stolen or borrowed from someone else. Sign of the times.


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As said, it is 18 here - but most people start consuming earlier. Me being a prime example, I started drinking at 14.

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