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I realised recently that I do this , all the time and it doesn't actually help my anxiety any more I think it is contributing to it! anyone else experience this? I have daily planners, journals, to do lists, notebooks, organisers, ( I do love stationery! ) but feel it becomes something of an obsession, I am starting to miss important stuff rather than it helping me. Some how it gives me comfort though knowing it is in a nice list , preferably highlighted.

List-making OCD

“Folder, journal, book, phone, computer. Folder journal, book, phone, computer,” I say in my mind on repeat, listing the items I’m carrying upstairs. Then I remember, “This is OCD. I shouldn’t be r…

Episode 23: Your Lists & List Making Habits Are Making You Less Productive - Learn How To Fix This OCPD Symptom! (Part 1 of 8) — The OCPD Foundation

EPISODE 23 TRANSCRIPT In this video we’re going to do something I haven’t done in a while on this channel. We’re going to go back to the basics. Reviewing the diagnostic criteria for OCPD is a seemingly dry endeavor, but as much as I’ve enjoyed diverting from the basics for a while, they really are


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I myself do not experience this. But I do find it easy to see why this could work against a person. Are there methods that can be used to help with this?

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