My Medical Conditions

my medical conditions Please feel free to ask me anything


General Anxiety disorder
Social Anxiety disorder
Retinitis pigmentosa
widespread myofascial pain
Vertigo Migraines
Chronic Back and neck pain
small fibre Neuropathy
Birth Defect on my foot,
Type 2 Diabetes,
Diabetic neuropathy,
chronic flexor tenosynovitis
Visual Impaired,
Tendonitis of my arms
Osteoarthritis hips, kness, back
Chronic Pain,
Hearing Loss,
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,
Fatty Liver,
Obstructive Sleep Apnea,
Irritable bowel syndrome,
Petit Mal Seizures,
High Cholesterol,
Mood disorder,
Chronic Sinusitis


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It is no surprise you are suffering with depression, you must be in agony each day. How do you manage your pain and do you have success with that?

I have some of those issues myself so you have my absolute empathy.


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Like @Ragnar I have 'some' of those issues with Peripheral Neuropathy being the real baddie. It's certainly no fun having to endure any kind of ailment let alone your long list. You must have great character to endure all of those issues and still manage to get through each day. A good many would have folded long ago. I can empathise, but certainly cannot know what your days must be like.

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Wow, marti, I had no idea you were dealing with so much! I applaud your spirit in getting through each and every day as I'm sure it's got to be agony. I have some of these conditions, as well, and that's plenty for me, but this is a litany of things any one of which would be enough to bring someone down. You're an amazing person!

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