My Period is back to normal!



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Oh my god guys, I'm so ban-happy today! It WILL 100% DEF BE ENDING TOMORROOW MORNING AT 7-8 AM.It hasn't been for 4-5 months because I'm trying out a new birth control pill because my old one has been discontinued on the market. There's only been some clear blackish blood today and twice some reddish-pinkish discharges today. For the past 4-5 months, I've been having about some 8-9 days periods and some black, pink, red, and brown discharges at the end of each one. But by today's last sign, it is totally and def ending tomorrow morning! I can't wait after living in utter hell and my worst nightmare ever for 4-5 months, it's finally back on track! Please spam party food and emojis to celebrate today's occasion for me please! AND I haven't been suicidal over it at all currently in life, in fact, not even minding at all lately in life, using my coping tools learnt in therapy these past 8-9 years. I'm a fighter and a winner in life guys! I feel totally great today in spite of this!
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So happy you're back on track, Naiwen! I can't share in your experiences in this regard, but I know when something internal is off it's a horrible feeling, so it must have been a horrible time!


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