Psychogenic Pain



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The write up for this is "“Psychogenic pain” is an outdated term for pain that happens due to, or is worse because of, factors other than illness or injury. Those factors include mental health, personal history and more."

Have you ever met anyone who has pain but nothing is wrong with them? Do you think maybe they have this? My ex for two years would go to the hospital every other week due to 'pain' but no matter how many tests and x-rays and all those things the doctors did they couldn't find anything wrong. I think she was faking it because she had real bad mental health and almost destroyed me.


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"Nothing wrong" and "faking it" are dangerous terms of which are very accusatory and go against the general outlook of this website.

Without being that person, it is impossible to know how they are feeling. I have personal experience with "Psychogenic pain" and know first hand how debilitating it can be.


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Pain is invisible and only noticeable when someone's features or personality changes. It's the body's alarm system to let you know something is wrong. So, whether this is physical pain or pain brought on from some other reason, it needs investigating.

One of the most annoying and irksome things I find is when you tell someone you're not well, or are in pain, and they respond with 'well you look ok' looking and feeling are completely different things. So, any kind of pain needs investigating to get to the root cause.

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