Mental Illness Psychosis and Paranoia?



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So I mainly suffer from Asperger's, paranoia and psychosis in life currently and that's what I'm being treated for at my mental healthcare clinic by a professional team. I'm on medication, doing therapy and seeing a psychiatrist regularly and on disability for life. My inability to socialize and communicate, my fear and phobia of others makes me unable to work for life. Now those with those kind of mental health issues have it very hard without others in their lives. I know it from a personal experience, because when I've gone to have my 1st COVID-19 jab today at 2 pm, I've heard someone say "bitch" and I thought she's been calling me that. So yeah, I have it very hard in life currently despite not working.


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It's good that you participate in forums. I've seen the change in your ability to connect with others in the time I've known you online. I think your therapy and participation as a member of forum communities has been good for you. You can share your thoughts and interact with people in a way that is both safe and comfortable for you.
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