Rheumatoid Arthritis



My mom and some of her family members had rheumatoid arthritis and I think I've inherited it unfortunately. It's not very painful yet but I can see the inflammation in one of my fingers after I do too much like crocheting.

Now that I am aware that this could be something bad...what can I do to stop it from getting any worse?


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People underestimate the diet. Some foods can cause inflammation which makes dis eases worse. See when she feels the worse & if it's after consuming a certain food. My dad feels better once he cut out gluten & wheat. But when he eats it again, he has more pains.


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I agree about changing your diet. I feel like proper nutrition is key to curing 90% of illnesses and diseases. I would look into doof allergies you may have as well as eating more foods that are anti-inflamitory. Also, it is worth getting your vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and calcium levels checked!

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