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I have a social anxiety disorder. I am not very comfortable when a lot of people are around me, I even feel constricted with I am among people. I am not very comfortable talking with people, I can not easily make friends, and I am not very good at social communication. However, I have never sought any help to combat my issues.


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Social anxiety is quite a common issue to struggle with. I deal with it daily, alongside my other issues. In my case I can't stand social gatherings, I hate to be the focus of attention for any reason, good or bad, and I even struggle going in to pick up a takeout or pay for shopping. It's a struggle I've lived with forever, my therapist believes the best means of combating this is via distraction techniques. Things like the five senses game (what is something you can see right now? what is something you can hear right now? what is something you can smell right now? what is something you can touch right now? what is something you can taste right now?). These work to take your mind off of your situation and focus on other things, helping reduce the anxiety and allow you to get through the ordeal It's not something that works for me in every situation, but I admit it does indeed help at times!

I would consult a therapist if you ever get the chance, they're invaluable in dealing with your struggles!


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I have social anxiety myself. Throughout school I was the quiet kid that barely talked to anyone, I would only talk to my friends and that was it. I broke out of my shell a little bit when I got my first job at the age of 20. I was a cashier and was basically forced to talk to people, but man it was tiring. I struggle with going out to stores and having to interact with the cashiers and workers. I get super anxious even more if my spouse isn't with me.
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