Star Trek: Strange New Worlds



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I watched the first episode of this new series last night on Paramount+ and found it limp and insipid. No originality, actors that mumble for which you need a translator, uninspiring effects a choppy story that made little sense (they need better script writers). We need Rick Berman and Michael Piller back in charge, Kurtzman is a liability to the Star Trek franchise and if this first episode is a prelude of what's to come then it needs consigning to the trash can.

I read the synopsis for the next two episodes and they are stories already done before in previous Star Trek series - which brings me back to 'no originality'.

I'm a massive Star Trek fan and have loved all of the series right up until Discovery and Picard appeared and they was appalling. So this was going to be my hope of salvation for the franchise, but it's hope in vain I fear. Anyone else seen this new series yet?

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Not yet, but I was going to watch tonight. I think I might give it a miss now though! 😂

Such a shame as like you say, the franchise was once outstanding.


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Watched the second episode last night and it wasn't much better, the story was still lame and convoluted with a load of soft soap padding that was unnecessary to the story. There's far too much time devoted to attempt to force a better understanding of the interactions of the crew; it's more like Eastenders or Coronation Street in Space. Kurtzman and his followers have no idea what Star Trek is about and they are attempting to recreate what has already become iconic and they are failing miserably. The natural chemistry that was allowed to develop in all the other incarnations of Star Trek is being forced in this new series. There is no Sulu, no Chekov, no McCoy and Uhuru is perceived as a linguistic specialist rather than a communications officer and is someone who really isn't sure that they want to be in Starfleet - that was never the case in TOS.

Even the Enterprise looks like something cobbled together from spare parts from a junkyard. These new people at the helm are heading towards a car crash with their tinkering and fiddling with a formula that was created long before they arrived on the scene and I believe, personally, that they should be shown the door and given the boot. Their attempts to rewrite a great franchise is sacrilege.