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Has anybody seen this movie?

Although nothing special, I quite enjoyed it.

I think there are many plot holes and the story line is poorly executed, but it watches pretty well and there are some funny moments.

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It was, like you say, watchable but some really bad plot holes, but then it's just a movie and as long as it filled some time in and you enjoyed watching it, great. I liked it, and will most likely watch it again in the near future - sometimes it's good to watch a movie twice (or more) so you can pick up on things missed.

BTW, your IMDB link is not loading, it's just going around in circles - a bit like me sometimes lol.


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I would agree with you guys, to be honest. It wasn't an amazing and out of this world movie but it wasn't too bad either. It looked good and definitely had a few interesting moments in it.

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