Physical Health Ways to encourage myself to be more active?



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I will not lie, I hate exercise. I don't like sweating unless I feel like I am getting something done (cleaning, moving items, etc.).

I am struggling though with not moving enough. I need to find ways to be more active in my day-to-day life without forcing myself to exercise.

Do you have any tips or ways that I can encourage myself to be more physically active? I know it will help with my pain.


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I would suggest starting with walking , listen to something you really enjoy while you are doing it like maybe a podcast or talking book or music, that way you wont notice so much that you are exercising


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Create little challenges I guess. I think if you start off really small, slowly you can increase the amount of exercise you do without it feeling like too much.


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Do you like the outdoors at all?

If you do, find a hiking trail. Go slow at first and enjoy nature. As you get into it, speed up your hike. Eventually hike fast and then another day, go slower. Find hilly trails and gradually go up steeper terrains.

Hiking pretty much saved my life. But I also enjoy cycling as well. Its exercise but its fun, like being a kid again accept the clothing is way cooler!

I hate the gym. I have no interest in some indoor workout routine. I got to be out there in nature on my two feet or my two wheels.

The trick is to gradually intensify your routine instead of going all in at once and burning yourself out. :)


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Anyone can find something you just got to find something you enjoy. There are endless options you just got to find what is right for you.
More people than ever before are getting in shape and exercising by VR. It does not even feel like you are exercising.
Few examples: Be a warrior or sorcerer and fight enemies in blade and sorcery. Punch through targets with Supernatural. Do a rhythm game with beat saber. There are tons of VR games that helps you get into shape.
Oculus quest is the cheapest and best VR system out there in my opinion.
Or as @hikershawn said the outdoors. If you like the outdoors then try different things. Try biking, kayaking, paddle boarding (amazing fully body workout) or even hiking.
If you don't like the outdoors then jog a minute into place with music or watching tv. Then take a break and build that up. You don't even feel like you are exercising since you are keeping your mind and body distracted.
Make sure whatever you do start out slow then build up.

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