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Welcome back to the new and improved Lifespot.

We have had a shift away from the traditional to try and reach as many people as possible going forward with a layout hopefully more familiar to the masses (social media!).

We now have a much more simplified node tree, utilising prefixes for content organisation and identification. I know this might take some getting used to, but I am absolutely confident this change is for the best. If you prefer the old school forum layout, that is still available too!

All previous content is archived, so if you can't find something you are missing - do let us know and we can retrieve it for you.

Best Regards,
The Lifespot Team


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welcome back!
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Lee how do I get it to stay on the old format? because I click on that link and then when I log back in it's gone back to this new layout , which I'm sorry I don't like tbh eeekk!
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