Mental Illness What are you addicted to?



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We all have something that we are addicted to. It may be something good or bad but I always get it hammered to me by my mother that too much of anything is bad. I think my addiction is music. I can't stay without it playing no matter where I'm at.


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I used to be a chain smoker and it almost cost me my life as I developed cheat pains as a result of too much smoke. It took me 7 months to get clean.
It's a good thing that you stopped when you did because it would have caused you a lot of problems aside the chest pains. It might get you cancer of the lungs.


I am addicted to gaming (I don't think I am stopping soon). I like playing games and whenever there is a new game in town, be sure to have me playing that game in no distant time.


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I'm addicted to money. Money is everything for me in this world and I would do anything to have it. It's the only thing that makes me tick.


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I have issues with alcohol and food.

I don't drink every single day, but when I do I tend not to have an off switch, so I am a binge alcoholic.

I do however overeat every single day and I really struggle to control that part of me.


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I am addicted to Horror movies. Especially the real bad Horror movies nobody likes. I also love listening to music.


I have issues with alcohol and food
In my younger days, drinking was one of my favorite activities. I always thought I would build a bar in my home. However, as an adult I stopped drinking alcohol, I don't even drink beer. Just like you, I am addicted to food.


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If there is one thing that I spend most time with, it's my computer. I was a self-employed website developer for 20 years and my computer was my constant companion. I use to go out and fix issues for other people with their computers, used to build them myself, and of course was using them on a daily basis. So, I would say that I am still addicted, but more for pleasure now than business. I certainly wouldn't even contemplate building one myself now as my dexterity is seriously lacking for such a delicate operation lol.

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