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Humans are known to watch sports as a means of relaxation and enjoyment. This is the reason most stadiums are full to the brim during sport events. What type of sports do you like watching?


Formula One, tennis, and snooker are my main ones.

I'll also watch stuff like the World Cup and the Olympics when it's on.
Formula One is an event that I have missed a lot. When I was staying with my uncle at 10 years, I had to watch it since that is one of his favorite events too. Watching the World Cup once it starts is pretty sure for me.


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At the moment I watch football (my hometown Bolton Wanderers Football Club) and ice hockey (Dallas Stars of the NHL). I also casually follow T20 cricket, Rugby Union, and on the rare occasion I can find a way to watch it, Aussie Rules Football.


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Football and Formula 1 are the only sports events I follow closely. I've been following Chelsea FC for a long time but only recently got into F1. Enjoying it quite a lot though even if Mercedes aren't doing that great right now :(


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I would prefer to watch paint dry than watch sports lol - not my bag. However, I do like to watch the divers and some field events in athletics, but only occasionally. I'm more into good Movies or an immersive TV Show like 'The Wheel of Time' or 'Raised by Wolves'

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