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We all have the kind of car that we would love to have now if the money for it is available. My favorite or dream car is 2019 Toyota Highlander. It's a beast of a car.


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I think for me, my "realistic" dream car is an Audi Q5, quite like those! My ridiculous dream car would be an Aston Martin DB11 or vintage 1970s Vantage


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Audi Q7 as a "realistic" car.

I don't really have a ridiculous car, I don't really like super cars or anything like that...


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Mercedes will still my very best. I'm in move with the GLK brand especially the smaller ones and not the big one. I might be getting a new one by next year.


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Ford Edge have always been my favorite car. But recently, I have attracted to more of Toyota cars and Highlander seems like a good deal to take up. I would have to see the 2021 brand of it.


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My realistic dream car is a Mercedes C63 AMG. And in terms of a more expensive one, I would love to have a Porshe or a cheaper Mclaren.


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Well, I'm not allowed to drive now because of health issues, but if I could it would be a Nissan Micra - nothing special, but they are reliable and drive well.

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