General Why do you use social media?



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I started using Facebook to connect with friends and family in other countries and cities. However, later I started using Facebook for professional connections. More than 60 percent of people on my Facebook friend list are actually my professional connections. I am active on half a dozen social sites, and I use these sites for marketing.


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I make use of my Twitter account to sell my chickens. I own a chicken farm and using Twitter to market my products has helped me sell a lot. Most times, I forget to chat with friends because I am more interested in making more sales.


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I don't use social media at all, but I understand why some people do, it's communication with friends and family all over the place. Personally I'm opposed to the centralized internet approach that social media employs, de-centralization is the only way forward. So no social media for me, forums are it :)


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Keep up with the world, friends, and family. Social media is just a great way of keeping up with a little bit of everything really. Plus, certain sites like Reddit can keep me entertained for hours


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I just use Twitter to push my Music and Movie site (that's new and upcoming BTW) it serves no other real purpose and I don't have the time to keep liking other people's banal postings.

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