Your three wishes?



I, Am I?
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1.) The ability to be myself, properly
2.) Fix my health issues, never to return
3.) The ability to learn anything to a level of mastery and apply that knowledge, so I can earn a living in any way I choose.


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That every wish I wished for would be approved, with a few caveats:

Can't wish anyone ill will or death, including my own (it's easy to say something quite innocently like, "Oh I wish I were dead" lol)

It those two counted as my other two wishes then that would be the three, though the first would probably counter that. So, effectively, only one would be needed. Imagine the possibilities and potential. Frightening lol.


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World Peace -----> No more hunger - No more wars
One standard of living for all.
No Currency -----> we all live to better ourselves.

These would be mine :)


My first wish would be to have a body that had no pain and couldn’t be killed except by me.

My second wish would be to have a wallet that refills itself with money every time you empty it.

My third wish would be to have an infinite number of further wishes.


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1) to not have anything wrong with my body or brain
2) to get enough money to be able to buy one perfect house for my mum and all its running costs, plus enough money to buy my brother a place to live
3) for the genie to be free from being forced into granting everyone's wishes (if the genie wanted to be free from it)

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